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Company Profile

Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. is a developing business incubator. The purpose of the company is leveraging equity to acquire, merge and or joint venture with early stage companies to facilitate growth and cash flow utilizing a diverse distribution platform. Our intention is to develop and acquire fast growing companies in up-trending industries and positioning the technology for economies of scale. This platform will combine natural relationship marketing synergies and distribution methods that enable the combined companies to provide a wide variety of unique and complete solutions, services and necessities to consumers. We believe our overall business model can effectively create a conglomerate of unlimited opportunities to our growing base of shareholders.

Press Releases


LeafyWell, PYTG’s Subsidiary, Announces To-date 1st Quarter Revenues 2019 Expected to Surpass 2018 Final-Quarter Sales.


Pyramidion Technology Group, Inc. (OTC: PYTG) Joins BudTrader ( to Offer non-THC CBD Supplements to Government Workers During the Shutdown


LeafyWell, has Partnered With Branding, Design, and Marketing Firm Tayloe/Gray for Digital Marketing Campaign of Full Spectrum CBD Products

Upcoming Events


PYTG Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018 Update Call

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